"Gravity is a cruel mistress except when measuring the gravity of wort"
- Norm Buchmann


The mission of Non Sequitur Brewing is to continue the evolution of craft beer built on tradition, using innovation and instincts to produce unique quality beer. While I believe in the traditional brewing techniques, I also believe that innovation is paramount to keep craft beer from getting boring.

Brew  Calendar
Coming Soon!



Currently Available:

1) Honey Cherry Lemon Mead
2) Vanilla Bourbon Whiskey Stout

Available Soon:

1) NS Crabapple Sour Gueuze
2) NS Oude Bruin Sour Brown Ale
3) NS White Gueuze

Still in my Brain:

1) NS Tongue Ripper IIPA
2) NS India White Ale
3) NS Cherry Cola Ale
4) NS Amber Holiday Lager
5) NS Cocoa Cherry Schwartzbier (Lager)